A niche consulting company focused around data protection, privacy and information security.


years of experience

Data Protection and information Security are embedded in your core business

Data has become a fundamental building block in organizations

* Every company collects personal information (e.g. customer list, phone numbers; addresses, credit card info,…)

Cyber security incidents happen on a daily basis

* 95 % of all security incidents involve human error

The protection of data is key to maintaining a company’s competitive advantage

* Clear that businesses can’t keep incidents to themselves! & Every single competitor must meet the same tough requirements

Customer awareness but also employee awareness is increasing rapidly

* Which data do you collect and where is it stored?

Even though the setting is new, we can rely on many years of experience as Cranium has been active in the domains of privacy and security for years. The renewal in 2016 broadened the expertise by bringing on both experts from the market and the training of new associates.

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