Privacy & Security solutions

With over 15 years of experience we deliver services in both Privacy and Security matters.

Cranium offers:


We provide

A proven and successful concept (C-WOW processes) A unique corporate identity with growing recognition Outstanding delivery in both quality and value Professional support in building the business case and markt analysis Professional support in sales and marketing translation to local needs Professional support in all areas necessary for a sound entrepreneurial structure *Continuous improvements

We look for

As Cranium we share a passion for winning and a passion for people. We therefore place great importance of expanding through a partnership strengthened by the expertise and special knowledge of you as a local player and our headquarters internationally.

The process

1.First contact - 2.Interview by Partner and Director International - 3.Presenting the business case (guidance possible) - 4.Visiting Cranium BRU - 5.Training in the C-WOW - 6.Design organisation - 7.Finalize P&L - 8.Setup location - 9.Setup local business (BV, BVBA, LTD,…) - 10.Signing the Contract & Kick off

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