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This page focusses on Security, tips for you and your business.

Security made personal

Secure your home network

Can my kids go safely online?


Cyber crime and hacking, how?

what is CEO Fraud?

Layered Security, what is it?

Phishing and spear phishing

Smart devices, smart security?

31 days of security in one liners

  • 1: be aware that security is needed
  • 2: personal and business is getting mixed up
  • 3: bring your own device = bring your own security?
  • 4: take regular backups
  • 5: security is not a product but a process!
  • 6: malware is getting more advanced
  • 7: APT : advanced persistent threats
  • 8: crypto-lockers go for all files available in your network
  • 9: key is to be cautious with files, links in mails and social media
  • 10: true cybersecurity is to prepare for what is next!
  • 11: password cracking does not go as shown in the movies
  • 12: hackers help each other building lists of millions of passwords
  • 13: any structure, word, known sentence is hacked in seconds
  • 14: a strong password is one that is complex and used for limited time
  • 15: select a password that is unknown, changed regularly, complex yet you remember it!
  • 16: phishing is a technique to get you to provide confidential information
  • 17:spear phishing is targeted to a specific person
  • 18: social media information is used to feed spear phishing campaigns
  • 19: messages with any type of urgency are to be verified before executing
  • 19: if something looks fishy it probably is!
  • 20: CEO fraud is a very successful attack, be aware
  • 21: Verify financial transactions always in person
  • 22: Security must enable the business, so work risk based
  • 23: Layered security is key, especially in business
  • 24: Policies, procedures and awareness
  • 25: Physical Security is also part of information security
  • 26: Network segmentation allows you to have different levels of controls
  • 27: Asset hardening is key for critical systems
  • 28: Application hardening through security by design
  • 29: Data in transit security, especially outside premises
  • 30: Free wifi is never really free. Use 4G instead
  • 31: Take care of your device and your data!

Even though the setting is new, we can rely on many years of experience as Cranium has been active in the domains of privacy and security for years. The renewal in 2016 broadened the expertise by bringing on both experts from the market and the training of new associates.

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